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New Education about Menopause and Dry Eye

Laurie Barber, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Arkansas, talks with Sharon Kleyne about Dry Eye and Menopause.
Dr. Barber practices in all areas of ophthalmology but does research on corneal inflammation, which can be caused by dry eye. There is no skin over the cornea and it is protected only by [...]

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Driving and Vision Care

Driving, whether it is long distance or your normal commute, can result in dehydration of the eyes, or dry eye.  The confined space of the car, combined with the heating/air systems in the vehicle, sun/road glare, and environmental conditions can cause the tear film of the eye to lose moisture. When this happens, the eyes [...]

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First Step to Dry Eye Relief is Natural Water

Sharon Kleyne, eye health and water activist, as well as the founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, recently gave an interview on the importance of natural water for dry eye relief.
Mrs. Kleyne is concerned that the importance of water in any medical treatment, including dry eye, tends to be either minimized or overlooked. [...]

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