All Natural Allergy Eye Relief

eye4Spring is upon us, and Summer is just around the corner. It is during this time of the year that seasonal allergies start to affect us. The typical allergic reaction produces symptoms in the eyes, breathing passages and skin. Some allergens only bother the eyes, causing them to become dry, red, and/or irritated.

So how do you protect your eyes against seasonal allergies, and how do you soothe them when they are irritated and red?

The eye’s first line of defense against allergies is the complex and extremely thin tear film that covers the optical surface. Many allergy eye symptoms result from dehydration of the tear film’s aqueous (water) layer, thereby creating an over-concentration of irritants and allergens. Standard remedies such as eye drops and redness relievers may be ineffective against allergy eye because they can wash away the natural tear film, including the evaporation-slowing lipid layer, and they are often manufactured with chemicals which can cause their own reactions.

The best way to soothe allergy eye and re-hydrate the tear film is by adding add pure, pH-balanced humidity to the air around the eyes. The humid mist will find its way into the tear film’s aqueous layer in just the right amount to help alleviate symptoms naturally and without harsh medicines, drops or chemical formulations.

Nature’s Tears EyeMist is an all-natural solution to allergy eye. The gently, 100% natural mist provided moisture to the tear film, providing instant relief. Because Nature’s Tears EyeMist contains no harmful propellants, preservatives or chemicals, it can be applied whenever discomfort is felt. Application several times a day can help prevent or lessen reactions to pollen and other allergens.

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