Breakthrough Relief for Red Eyes and Dry Eyes

freeimage-4269725Red eye is an early symptom of dry eye syndrome. Earliest symptoms of dry eye syndrome are transitory blurred vision and fatigue, followed by red eye and a burning or grainy sensation.

Dry eye occurs when there is insufficient water in the protective tear film covering the eyes’ exposed portions. Tear film dehydration can be caused by insufficient tear production, poor tear film quality that exposes the tears to evaporation, or environmental factors that also increase evaporation.

Dry eye and red eye are often associated with dry air, air pollutants such as smoke, indoor air, excessive heat or cold, numerous dehydration diseases, medications, wind, low humidity, computer use, airline travel, strenuous activities, fatigue, stress, allergies and much more.

No matter what the cause, the result is insufficient water in the tear film’s middle (aqueous) layer. Reduced moisture content increases susceptibility to allergies and bacteria, resulting in itching, watery and red eyes.

Nature’s Tears EyeMist is 100% water and 100% all-natural. No other product for dry eye or red eye is as natural, pure or bio-compatible with the human eye and tear film. Nature’s Tears EyeMist is not an eye drop and does not flood the tear film when applied.

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